Friday, December 14, 2012

SugarBliss Poinsettias


 It's hard to imagine that someone out there might not know of Callye
(aka SweetSugarBelle) and her amazing blog full of cookie tutorials. 
She does this thing called "cookie think" but really it is like cookie magic!

A while back, Callye made these..!

(photo by Sugarbelle)

They instantly became some of our favorites! 
We loved the simplicity of these cookies but the flowers and little details gave it something really special!

Since then, Callye had posted numerous tutorials on her blog
showing all of us how to create these adorable ribbon roses, snowman noses, pumpkins, and several other royal icing accents to add to your cookies to give them that "special something"

More recently, she posted these

(photo by Sugarbelle)

Again!  Loved them at first sight!  Same design as before but with a different royal icing accent.  We haven't done much in the way of royal icing accents and quite honestly we were a little intimidated by them.  Neither one of us have much experience with the fancy decorating tips.  However, these had us convinced we needed to try!

Callye has posted a tutorial for both
the ruching and the poinsettia accents on her blog. 

We gave it a go and this is what we came up with.
We are so happy with the results!

Royal icing accents are our friends! 
In fact, we are so excited about them we wanted to share this
royal icing accent craze with all of you!
We love that they can be personalized to match each special occasion, holiday and cookie! 

Thank you Sugarbelle!

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