Sunday, May 1, 2016

SugarBliss Dreamcatcher


If you're signed up for cookie class this month, here is the set we will be making.  We are in love the Boho inspiration we are seeing all over the place.  The colors and designs are absolutely dreamy. It was time to make a Boho inspired set of cookies. This class will focus on a variety of ways to utilize stencils in your cookie designs.  We will also be learning different techniques for creating little flower embellishments and sprinkle details.  As always, we will be firing up those airbrushes in class and covering airbrushing basics.  This set is a perfect example of how flexible a design can be.  You can simplify the details to keep it quick and easy OR you can take the details to the next level to create a set that is over the top! Students in class with get to choose which direction they want to go and we will show you everything you need to know for cookie success! We are so excited and hope to see you there!

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